When you've lost you 2FA, the first thing you should to do is to check if you've saved your 2FA secret code somewhere. If you find it, then add a new account to your 2FA app using the secret. You will be able to log in using 2FA codes generated from this account.

The second this is to consider using Authy app which does a backup of all your 2FA data. When you lose your device or wipe its data, you can restore all your 2FA account in a few simple steps.

If you don't have your secret code or it's not working for some reason, you should contact our support by submitting a letter to support@3commas.io. To reset 2FA on your 3Commas account, we must know that you're the owner of it. There is a kind of authorization to do it required. When making the request, please attach as much info about your account as you can remember. You can send us any of the following data:

  • Amount of last 3Commas balance payments, approx date and time when you did them;
  • Your subscription plan, when it's started and when it ends.
  • Recent SmartTrades, the bot deals. Coin pairs, amounts, approx time of open & close. You can see this information on connected exchanges;
  • API keys of linked accounts without the secret part. Please send only keys you've used on 3Commas;
  • Any other info you remember which is related to your account.
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