Try 3Commas & trading without risking real funds

Paper trading is trading with virtual funds. No need to open and connect an exchange account, no need to invest real money into trading. 

  • Try trading;
  • Try 3Commas features;
  • Practice your trading skills;
  • Test trading strategies;
  • Experiment.

It replicates real trading price movements to make the experience suitable when you decide to trade with real funds. But you don't take a loss or profit when trading with virtual funds. You can reset your paper trading account at any moment.  

Paper Trading Account, two steps to be ready

1. Click activate on top website bar;

2. Confirm action.


Now you can create smart trades and bots using this account. There is no difference in ways you create a bot or a smart trade for real exchange account or paper trading account.

It provides a similar experience to trading with real funds

A real exchange market trading requires funds to entry. You should have funds to buy, and you should have coins to sell. There should be someone who wants to sell coins to you, and there should be someone who wants to buy coins from you. A seller should exist to satisfy the buyer. A buyer should exist to satisfy the seller. To get to one of these sides, you should transfer real funds to the exchange. Only then you can be either a buyer or a seller. And if you lose money, you can't get them back.

A paper trading market still requires funds to entry, similar to the real exchange market. The main difference is that you get funds on the paper account without transferring real funds. You press a button, and you have, for example, $10000 to play with. Did a wrong trade? Lost everything? Press the button again, and you're ready to start again. You can't either transfer profits made with the paper trading account, sad but true.

In the background, paper trading uses real exchange market data. It means that the price you see when trading with the paper account is the same as if you were trading with a real exchange account. The price will move the same way in real time, it will be affected by the same factors. BTC got good news and rocketing to the moon? It will be the same for paper trading. ETH got bad news and bleeding hard? It will be the same for paper trading.

The experience you get with paper trading is applicable to real trading. You can master technical analysis with paper trading, and your skills will be actual for real trading. 3Commas features look and work the same way for both paper and real trading. If you play with Smart Trade on the paper trading account, you won't notice any difference after switching to the real exchange account. 

We got some limitations here

It's the very beginning for paper trading on 3Commas. We will improve the feature as time passes by, but it has limitations at the moment.

  • You can't add more than one paper trading account;
  • There are only a few trading pairs available. Paper trading uses price tickers from Binance. That means it has the same price, and the price changes the same way;
  • It is not available for portfolios.

The next limitation is not a noticeable difference for high liquidity trading pairs like USDT_BTC. Trades you do on high liquidity markets will feel almost the same on both real and paper trading. When low liquidity pairs will be added, you should consider this limitation.

  • There is no trading volume simulation. There is no order book simulation. There are no partial fills. All orders are filled when the ticker price hits their level regardless of order size. An order with a size of 0.1 BTC will the same as the order with the size of 10 BTC. It takes different time on real trading. Please be aware that trailing features and market orders won't work as they do on real trading. A market order might fill at the much worse price on real trading, it happens when there is no liquidity on the exchange order book to execute your buy\sell command. With the current version of paper trading, market orders are executed like there is always someone to buy & sell with the best possible price. All trailing features rely on market orders, that's why they will work too positive with paper trading. 

Please note: If you want to use Paper Trading to run BTC deals or Bots, you need to first buy some BTC as your Paper Trade account is initially funded in USDT!

Some answers about paper trading

Q: Will paper trading support other pairs?
A: Yes, we plan to add all pairs.

Q: Will paper trading support other exchanges than Binance?
A: We don't sure yet. 

Q: Will it be possible to add more than one paper trading account?
A: We don't sure yet. 

Q: Are there any differences how 3Commas features work with real trading and paper trading?
A: Yes, it doesn't simulate liquidity. High liquidity pairs like USDT_BTC work well even without the liquidity simulation. The real difference is noticeable only on low liquidity pairs, but they're not available for paper trading at all yet. Check the above section about limitations.

Q: Will paper trading simulate liquidity to make trades with low volume coins more realistic?
A: Yes. 

Q: How to reset the paper trading account balance?
A: You can delete the paper trading account, then add it again. There is no convenient way to do it at the moment. We'll add it in the future.

Q: What is a starting balance for the paper trading account?
A: $10000. 

Q: How to add more funds to the paper trading account balance?
A: On "My Exchanges" page find your paper trading account, and click the 'eye' button on it. The statistic page will open. In the top right corner, you'll see a button with the "$" icon, press it to add $1000 to the account balance. 

Q: Is Paper Trading a paid feature?
A: Yes, you should have one of the paid subscriptions to use Paper Trading.

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