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Demo account (Paper Trading account)
How to reset Demo account (Paper Trading)
How to reset Demo account (Paper Trading)

Remove all trading history on Demo account, and reset balances.

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Please note that trading with real funds will always be given priority of 3Commas system resources over Demo accounts, and therefore, at times of high system demand, Demo trading processes may be interrupted or delayed.

Thank you for your understanding.

1. Switch to Demo account mode

2. Cancel trades and bots

You should cancel all trades, stop all bots, and cancel all bot deals. You can't reset the account otherwise.

3. Go to the My Portfolio page

4. On the Demo Account modal window, click on the 3-dots menu and click on the Delete button

5. Confirm the deletion

6. Enable the Demo account again

Done! You now have a new Demo account to continue your trading journey!

Here is a short video displaying the entire procedure:

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