Decide to use cryptocurrency

A few minutes to send a payment, but up to an hour to process it. If you're in a hurry, better avoid using cryptocurrency. 

We encourage you to do it at least once. It's harder than with PayPal or a card, but what's about the experience?  

Choose cryptocurrency

If you don't want to use BTC, expand the list to see all available currencies.

Click "Pay"

The tricky part: how much to send

  • Add all fees to the amount you see. Wallets and exchanges show additional fees when you create a transfer;

  • You can send a bit more, but not less; 

  • Round up if you can't send exact amount.


Send to this address. Confirm withdrawal with email or 2FA if your exchange or wallet requires it.

Check the payment status

It doesn't fail if you close the dialog

No need to confirm the payment on 3Commas.

Find "Subscribe history" on the bottom with the link to continue:

What's next?

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