DCA bots: new launcher

Learn more about new DCA bot launcher (for BETA-testing users)

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Important notes!

  1. Now, both Spot and Futures accounts are supported in this launcher. Supported Futures exchanges are:

    1. Binance USDT-M;

    2. OKX Futures;

    3. Bybit USDT-M;

    4. Bitget USDT-M.

  2. You must enable the Beta mode to use our new DCA launcher!
    Go to the Settings page and enable Beta-testing:

We'd really appreciate your feedback after you have used the new DCA Bot Launcher a few times!

If you have any comments about things you like about the new launcher or want to provide feedback for features you feel are missing, please let us know, here:

Where to find the new DCA bot launcher?

1. Go to the DCA bot page

2. Here is what the launcher looks like

If you want to create a DCA bot using old interface, just disable the BETA mode.

Simple and fast way to create a DCA bot.

1. Choose the strategy

You can choose between strategies for Spot and Futures markets.

The strategies are as follows:

  • Classic trading - Long trading on Spot exchanges.

  • Super power - Long trading on Futures exchanges.

  • Super speed - Short trading on Futures exchanges.

You can also start creating the bot with your personal settings by clicking on the Create custom bot button:

2. Adjust the general settings and click Start

a. Choose an exchange - right now, only Spot and USDT-M Futures exchanges are available (

b. Choose a pair or several pairs*;

c. Choose the investment amount - it will be spread among 1 Base order and 3 Safety orders;

d. Edit settings - this should be clicked if the basic settings are not enough (described later in this article).

* If you choose several pairs, this will automatically make the bot multi-pair.

You can also apply one of the filters:

  • Most popular - most bots created with this pair.

  • My favorites - you can create your favorite list of pairs by clicking on the Star icon next to the pair name.

  • Trading view - a comprehensive indicator from a well-known trading platform that allows you to get pairs with Buy and Strong Buy signals on H1, H4, and D1 timeframes.

  • RSI (14) - relative Strength Index, allows you to get a list of pairs where the RSI indicates oversold conditions (values below 30 or 20) on mid-term and higher timeframes (H1, H4, D1).

  • All pairs by quote currency - you can display pairs with specified QUOTE currency.

3. The bot is created

The bot with Classic trading strategy will be automatically created with the following default settings:

  • Deal start condition - ASAP;

  • Base order size = 25% of the investment amount;

  • Safety orders count - 3;

  • Safety order size = 25% of the investment amount;

  • Safety order size step = 1;

  • Safety order deviation = 1%;

  • Safety order step multiplier = 1;

  • Take profit = 2,4%;

  • Trailing take profit - OFF;

  • Stop Loss - OFF.

Create a DCA bot with advanced settings.

These settings are available after you click on the Edit settings button:

Step 1/4. General settings.

a. Choose an exchange.

b. Choose the direction.

c. Choose pair/-s.

e. Change the bot's name (if you open the Options menu).

Step 2/4. Entry order, strategy, and start condition settings.

a. Set the Base order size. You can choose either in Quote or Base currency.

b. Choose the Base order type - Limit or Market.

d. Set the number of Maximum active deals.

e. Enable (if needed) the other minor settings that are described here.

Step 3/4. Safety orders.

You can disable the Safety orders if you don't need them.

a. Set the Safety order size.

b. Set the number of Safety orders.

c. Set the deviation in % between the Base order price and the 1st Safety order.

d. Set the number of active Safety orders.

e. Set the Safety orders step multiplier.

f. Set the Safety order size multiplier.

After configuring the Safety orders click Next.

Step 4/4. Exit order configuration. Take profit and Stop loss.

a. Set the reinvestment amount.

b. Configure the take profit feature.

c. Enable Stop loss if needed. If enabled you can configure Trailing Stop loss and Risk reduction parameters.

After configuring the exit order/-s, click Start.

The bot is created. Congratulations!

You can apply filters to display only needed bots:

If you click on the down arrow on the bot's left side, you will see all the settings information that this bot has.

In addition...

If you click on the multipair bot on the bots list, instead of the TradingView chart you will see this pairs table:

It's useful if you want to see an overview of your trading pairs' performance.

If you click on any trading pair, its TradingView chart will appear.

What's ahead in improving the DCA launcher interface?

In the next several releases, the following features and options are planned to be added:

  • Blacklisting pairs;

  • Option to choose Base Order (BO) or Safety Order (SO) in percentage of the balance;

  • In Condition, the ability to combine custom signals and indicators;

  • "Cooldown between deals" option;

  • Reverse deal;

  • Bot edit in new launcher;

  • General and bot summary;

  • Presets are created from the new launcher;

  • Real-time data update;

  • Combine signals from the marketplace and indicators.

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