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DCA bots: presets and bot copying
DCA bots: presets and bot copying

Learn how you can copy the bot from other users or yourself

Updated over a week ago

Check out our new video guide about copying the DCA Bots. Perfect for our crypto newcomers who want to start fast. Share it with your friends, and don't forget to give them your referral link!

Copying from the Preset page

1. Go to the Preset page

To see all available bots for copying, you need to go to the Preset page:

Or you can reach them on the Marketplace page:

2. Choose the preset

This is what the preset card looks like:

On this card, you can see the following information:

  • The strategy - Long or Short.

  • Profit last month - how much of a profit this bot made. If this bot traded on the Futures market, the profit is displayed with the leverage counted, not from your balance amount. For example, if you trade with an entire balance of 500, and you trade with x20 leverage, the profit is calculated according to the amount of 500x20=10000, not from 500.

  • Coins - what trading pairs are used in this bot.

  • Exchange - which exchange account the bot trades on (it's not displayed on the Marketplace page). Make sure you choose a preset for a bot on the same exchange you want to trade on.

3. Click on the Copy Bot button

You can copy any bot there just by clicking on the Copy Bot button or on the preset card:

4. Review the major settings

The page with basic information and statistics will be opened:

5. Quick start - change Name, Investment and click Start

Here you can change the Name of the bot and the Investment. If you are ok with the statistics and other general information and just want to copy the bot, you can click on the Start button and the bot will be copied and started right away, showing how much of the funds it will use:

6. Click Edit settings if you want to use more advanced settings

If you want to dig deeper into the bot's settings, you can click on the Edit settings button:

There you can change all the settings you want just like for the usual Advanced DCA bot. All other settings will be automatically copied from the original bot.

7. Copy the bot to other exchange accounts (with same account type)

After making adjustments (in advanced settings) and starting your bot, you will be asked if you want to copy your bot to other linked exchange accounts, if you have more than one account from the same exchange linked to 3Commas. For example if the bot is set up on Binance Futures USDT-M, then you can copy it to other Binance Futures USDT-M. You can't copy it to, for example, Bybit or Binance Spot.

Copying your own bot

To copy the bot, you will need to click on the Copy button. There are two places where you can find this "Copy" button.

1. On the bot's information page, after you click on the bot's name

2. On the bot's table

You can find the bot you want to copy in the list of your bots. There, you can click on the 3-dots menu and click "Copy" there:

  • Old launcher (BETA mode is OFF)

  • New launcher (BETA mode is ON)

3. The rest of the "Copy" process is exactly the same as described in the first part of this article.

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