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DCA bots: manage your DCA bots (with BETA mode OFF)
DCA bots: manage your DCA bots (with BETA mode OFF)

Learn about active bot's interface and what you can do with active DCA bots!

Updated this week

Complete information about all created bots is available on the My Bots page:

This page consists of 3 main parts:


In this section, you can review the statistics of all your DCA bots - active, inactive and deleted. Yes, deleted bots are still in these stats if you did not apply any other filters.

Here, you can filter the stats by time period, display the overall stats, Profit by day, or Profit by pair to make your analysis more convenient and thorough.

These statistics are affected by the applied filters on the table of bots.


If you delete the exchange from 3Commas, the stats will also be deleted, and you will not be able to recover it.

In this section, you can observe the following information (the information will be displayed with filters applied):

  • PnL - this is the profit you made during the selected period and respecting the filters you applied. This value is displayed in the system currency ($ by default). The conversion from cryptocurrency to $ is made at the rates when the deal was closed.
    Here, you can also see the information about how much of the funds has been reinvested.

  • Closed deals - how many closed deals you have. Also, there is information about a number of currently active trades.

  • Best pairs - 3 pairs that have performed the best. Pairs from inactive bots may be included.

  • Most profitable bot - it can be either an active or inactive bot that has performed the best.

  • A chart that displays the performance of all filtered or not filtered DCA bots.

Pairs "Black List".

In this section, you can add the pairs to the "black list". After the pair or pairs are added, all DCA bots will not open a single deal with these pairs. So it works as a general black list to all DCA bots.

Table of created bots.

Here, you can see all your DCA bots that were created and weren't deleted (individually or with API keys deletion).

You can display the bots using only one filter or a combination of filters:

  • from specific exchange or exchanges;

  • active or inactive;

  • single-pair or multi-pair bots;

  • long or short;

  • trading with a specific pair or pairs.

In this section, you can see the general bot's information, like:

  • Name of the bot.

  • Deals - number of closed deals.

  • Average daily PnL.

  • Reinvested - amount of funds that has been reinvested in the deals.

  • Exchange.

  • Pair.

  • Active deals.

  • Status - you can turn the bot on or off by using the toggle. If you disable the bot, all active deals will still run until canceled or closed manually.

After you click on the bot's name, the page with the bot's information will be opened:

On this page, you can see the following sections:

1. Bot's settings information*:

(*the information about settings in this article and all other is not an advice/suggestion)

The buttons above are:

  • Start/Stop the bot.

  • Edit the bot. The page will look like you are creating a new DCA bot.

  • Copy. Beware, that you cannot change the exchange account and multi-pair or single-pair type while copying the bot. If you copy the bot and you have several accounts of the same exchange and of the same type (Spot or Futures), you will be asked if you want to copy the same bot to other exchange accounts simultaneously. More info about this option can be found in this article: DCA bots: presets and bot copying.

  • Delete the bot. Beware, that you will not be able to restore it, if you mistakenly delete it. Also all the stats and history will be deleted too.

  • Deals export to CSV. You can download the history of this bot.

  • Share. You can also share this link to your DCA bot as a referral link.

  • Reset shared link. If you need to revoke the link that you mistakenly sent, you will need this button.

2. Messages to use with TradingView signals or other strategies:

3. Short statistics:

uPnL represents the current active deals situation. Possitive number tells that you are currently in a profitable zone, and a negative is vice versa. You can read more about PnL and uPnL in this article.

4. Bot's stats in charts:

The stats are displayed only for the last 30 days period and it's not adjustable.

You can hide unnecessary charts if you want by clicking on the Filter button.

5. Active trades with an option to cancel or sell at market price:

If the bot is multi-pair, here you will see all active trades of this bot.

6. Log of bot's recent events (located on the right):

Here you can see all the actions and all errors that may occur. This is helpful in solving probable issues.

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