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Bots table

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If you already have running or closed bots, you will see a table of bots on the Grid bots page. The list of bots is made up of rows that are bot cards.

Use the filter on the left to switch between lists of active and closed bots on all or specific exchanges.

The list of active bots can be sorted by result, and the list of closed bots can be sorted by date.

You can also use the convenient search function to quickly find the bot you need.

Results and profits

You can find the general statistics of your bots' performance at the top of the bots table.

  1. Profits: the difference between Results and Investments;

  2. Results:

    • For active bots - summary data of the bots' current value;

    • For closed bots - summary data of the bots' value at the time of closure;

  3. Investments: summary data of the bots' value at the time of launch.

In the general statistics, the data is displayed relative to the bots that you filtered through the active / close filters or through the search menu, for example, for a specific coin or a keyword in the notes.

Switch between display modes.

On the right side, you can see a gear button that allows you to switch between display modes for bot results:

  • USD / Crypto - you can choose to display results in the system currency or cryptocurrency.

  • Composite / Split - this selector is only available for the desktop version of the site. With it, you can choose the method of displaying data in the Result and Profit columns:

    • When selecting the Composite - data is displayed cumulatively.

    • When selecting the Split - data is displayed separately:

      • Realised profit: Profit from closed bot deals - displayed above.

      • Unrealised profit: Change in the bot's value - displayed below.

Description of columns in the bot table.

  1. Bot: contains information about the pair, bot name, and Long or Short direction.

  2. Result:

    • For active bots - the value of the bot at the current moment.

    • For closed bots - the value of the bot at the time of closing.

  3. Profit: the change in the bot's value and the profit from closed bot deals calculated in the currency selected (USD / Crypto).

  4. Change: change in the bot's value and profit from closed bot deals calculated as a percentage.

  5. In trading: the bot's working time.

  6. Status: bot status, which can be Active, Closed, or Error with a description of the error that occurred.

Bot’s card

Your bots list consists of cards that can be expanded to access information and control buttons.

The top of the expanded card displays the results of your bot's performance.

Next, you will see the control buttons for managing your bot, which are described in detail here.

Below that, you will have access to information about your bot's settings and a status bar.

At the bottom of the card, you can add a note to your bot, which can also help you quickly find it through search if needed.

View chart

On the mobile version, click on the View Chart button to see the orders of your Grid bot and the points where the bot bought and sold the base currency directly on the chart.

On the web version, the chart opens after you click on the bot in the bots' table.

You can adjust the chart scale by stretching the price scale on the right and the time scale at the bottom.

At the top, you can change the timeframe or candle display method and add indicators from the standard Tradingview library.

On the left, there is a set of Tradingview chart tools available.

View history

You can view the history of closed trades of your bot. To do this, you need to expand the bot card and click on the button with three dots, in the menu that appears, you will find the "View history" button.

View logs

You can view the events of your bot by expanding its card and clicking on the button with three dots. In the menu that opens, you will find the "View logs" button.

View orders and export XLSX

To see details about all of your bot's orders, you can click on the name of your bot in the list.

You can see the details of each order created by your bot, including:

  • Pair

  • Order type

  • Quantity

  • Remaining quantity

  • Price

  • Open price

  • Status

  • Update time

  • Update date

You can also export this data in XLSX format by clicking on the corresponding link on the right.

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