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Notifications. Where to find them, and how to set them up?
Notifications. Where to find them, and how to set them up?

Learn more how to set up the notifications correctly.

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A new Security notification is available now - "External trades":

More detailed information is at the bottom of this article.

The notifications settings are located on the Settings page:

Here you can choose 4 types of notifications:

  • Website

    To turn on the website notifications, you need to click on this button and allow your browser to play the notifications:

  • Email

    Notifications will be sent to the email address that was used during the 3Commas account registration. If the account was created with Apple ID or Facebook, the email notifications would be sent to the email from Apple ID or Facebook.

  • Mobile Apps

    This setting allows you to receive notifications via push messages on your mobile device.

  • Telegram

    This is the most useful and convenient way of receiving notifications. This type allows you to receive ALL notifications or set them up more precisely. To start receiving Telegram notifications, you need to connect your Telegram account with 3Commas bot by clicking on the Activate Telegram bot:

    Then you will need to open Telegram either on the browser or application and click on the Start button. Voilà - your telegram account is connected, and the bot will start showing the notifications!

To set up the specific notifications, you need to click on the tool you want notifications for and choose them by clicking on the check-boxes:


  • Some of the notification channels may not support some of the notifications, and they will be greyed out.

  • Paper trading notifications are exactly the same as for Real trading account, so you need just to choose the way of receiving them:

New security alerts

A new security measure is applied within 3Commas - new types of telegram alerts!

Now, you can enable these notifications only if you are connected Binance and have a Pro plan subscription. They will notify you if there is any trading happening outside of 3Commas (not via connected API keys and/or not on 3Commas platform).

After you click Activate, you will be prompted to connect Telegram bot (if not activated yet) or to check this notification on the Settings page:

The notifications from telegram bot look like this:

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