Help the bot 

  • Alter the bad deal to close it faster. 
  • Move the take profit closer when the price can bounce.
  • Close the deal immediately.


Continue the deal yourself as the bot stops following it:

  • The bot doesn't close the deal. Bought coins remain on balances.
  • The profit or loss remains even you don't see it on active deals.
  • The statistic doesn't include canceled deals.

Consider what to do before you cancel as you can't revert this.

Close at the market rate

Close the deal immediately at the current price:

  • Take profit when the price likely to reverse.
  • Take loss when the price expected to drop further. 
  • Get funds out of the deal when you need.


Change from long to short and vice versa. 

It's fine to not know about either long or short, skip for now. Here should be a link to an article about this, but we don't have it yet, sorry. :(

Switch deals to try to cover the loss:

  • The switch creates a new bot with a reverse algorithm using the deal funds. 
  • You take neither loss nor profit but relocate funds to the new bot which uses them to make new deals. 
  • When you switch a deal, it records its current volume, size, and profit or loss. You can check this in history.
  • You can check switched deals in history.


Click the button to bring up editing dialog:

  • Move the take profit closer to the price when it likely to bounce.
  • Move the stop loss to secure profits in case price drops.
  • Remove safety orders to limit the deal size and possible loss.

Add funds

Open a dialog to add a manual safety order:

  • The deal is out of automatic safeties.
  • Control safeties manually.
  • Increase the deal size.

Find more about adding funds with this article.

Smart Trade convert

Move to manual Smart Trades:

  • Track the deal separately when you have many active deals.
  • Use limit stop loss or trailing stop loss.
  • Set multiple targets.

When you convert the deal, the bot can open a new one. Consider if you want to disable it.

Check this section to explore Smart Trade.


Refreshes the deal information. Nothing more, indeed! 

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