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Do I lose trades when my subscription ends?
Do I lose trades when my subscription ends?
Updated over a week ago

When your subscription ends:

  • Active trades, like bot deals or SmartTrades, WILL NOT be canceled.

  • Trades will continue without interruptions. 

  • Trades will close as planned, even if you have no subscription.

  • You will be able to edit or cancel active trades.

  • All bots will be disabled:

    • DCA bots will be stopped, but deals will remain active. Safety orders and other orders (TP, SL) will still be placed and executed as originally designed.

    • Grid bots will be stopped. All Buy/Sell orders will be canceled.

      • If it was a Grid bot on a Spot market, purchased coins will remain on your balance. You will need to manually sell them or keep in needed.

      • If it was a Grid bot on a Futures market, the position will remain open and you will need to manually close it or handle in other ways if needed.

    • Signal bots will be stopped. Signals to open or close the position will not be processed for the disabled bot. Take Profit and/or Stop loss orders will be executed normally as they will be placed in the SmartTrade created by the Signal bot.

  • You don't lose your bots, history, settings, or anything else.

  • You can create up to 3 SmartTrades, if you don't have any.

More info about available tools on the Free subscription you can find in this article:

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