TIP: It is recommended you perform these steps on a PC or Laptop, as it is easiest when able to have 2 browser windows or "tabs" open, one for Bybit and the other for 3Commas.

1. Go to Bybit.

Log in or create a new account on https://www.bybit.com/.

2. Open API dashboard.

Hover over the profile icon on the top right corner, then click API:

3. Click "Create New Key":

Note! You must enable 2FA to be able to add API keys.

If you see this dialog, click "Confirm":

Click "Settings" and follow Bybit's instructions to enable 2FA:

4. Change to "Connect to Third-Party Applications":

5. Choose 3Commas in the drop-down list:

6. Select permissions.

You must select "Read-Write" option, and "Orders" and "Positions" to use the key with 3Commas:

Don't change other settings.

7. Click "Submit":

8. Enter 2FA code, then click "Confirm":

9. Copy API Key and API Secret somewhere safe or don't close this window:

10. Connect Bybit to 3Commas using received API keys:

Go to "My Exchanges" in 3Commas, select "Bybit" from the Exchange drop-down list, and enter a Name for your Bybit account (as you can link many accounts to 3Commas, make sure this name is memorable so you can easily distinguish from this account and others when you create trades or view reports). Copy and paste the API Key and API Secret from your API creation confirmation screen on Bybit, then click "Connect".

That's it! You have added your Bybit account!

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