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How to submit a Data Subject Access Request
How to submit a Data Subject Access Request

How to submit a DSAR request for your personal data to 3Commas

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What is a Data Subject Access Request?

Your privacy is important to us and therefore, it is our policy to respect your privacy and take appropriate measures to protect your personal data.

3Commas has a comprehensive Privacy Notice, which details which data is collected and processed to provide our service to you when you create an account.

You have the right to request access, including receive a copy, of your personal data. This includes the right to be informed on whether we process your personal data, what personal data categories are being processed by us, and the purpose of the data processing.

You can request a copy of the data held by 3Commas about you, by submitting a DSAR (Data Subject Access Request).

The majority of DSAR requests will be processed and usually sent to you within 30 days. In some circumstances, the process can be extended up to 90 days - if an extension is required, you will be informed about it by email.

How do I submit a Data Subject Access Request to 3Commas?

It's simple!

Ensure that you are not blocking email messages from

Head to the User Settings page and click the "DSAR Request" button:

Confirm that you wish to submit a request by clicking the "Generate request" button:

You should receive a confirmation email with the title "Your Personal Information Request" - this is to inform you that your request has been received successfully and is being processed by the system.

Between one week and up to 30 days later, you will receive a final email from 3Commas that contains several links that you can click to download files with the personal data held by 3Commas for your user account.

Please note, in rare situations, the processing of a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) may be extended a further 60 days (to a maximum of 90 days in total) before the final email may be sent to you, if your DSAR request is delayed, you will receive an email notification to inform you.

You will receive an automated email with your data usually within 30 days - please note that DSAR requests are limited to one request every 30 days and that the email will be sent to the address linked to your 3Commas account.

If you delete your 3Commas user account, a DSAR request will be automatically submitted as part of this process and you will automatically receive a copy of your Personal Data held by 3Commas for your user account during the account deletion process.

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