Grid bots: FAQ
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What happens to my investment if I stop/delete my Grid bot?

When you click on the Close bot button, you will be able to choose the following actions:

  • Convert BASE currency into QUOTE;

  • Convert QUOTE currency into BASE;

  • Leave everything as it is.

More detailed information can be found here.

What happens when the price of the base currency is above the High price?

The Grid bot cannot trade above the set range without activating Trailing up, so it waits for the price to return below the High price. At this point, all the coins initially purchased by the Grid bot upon launch are sold. Trailing up is only supported in the Geometric bot.

What happens when the base currency price falls below the Low price?

Grid cannot trade below the set range without activating Trailing down, so it waits for the price to return above the Low price. All the currency that was used to fund the bot initially is invested in the base currency.

Can you edit a Grid bot after it has been launched?

Yes, you can! You can find more information about editing the bot here.

Can I compound my earnings through the Grid bot or automatically reinvest profits back into the Grid bot?

No, if the Grid bot is producing good results, you can close it and restart it with increased investment.

Does the displayed profit of the Grid bot include exchange fees?

Yes, the displayed profit statistics include the exchange fees (it shows net profit).

Can I view and export the order table created by the Grid bot on the exchange?

Yes, you can click on the name of your bot in the bot list view and export the order table.

Is it possible to set up a "Trailing Take Profit"?

No, "Trailing Take Profit" is not possible, but you can set up Trailing up for your bot.

Is it possible to set up a "Stop Loss"?

Yes, Grid bots support Stop bot functions, but the available actions will depend on whether you are trading on a spot exchange or a futures exchange (using leverage).

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