Virtual Portfolio

Learn how to create a Virtual Portfolio to track your assets that are not on the exchanges.

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This is a very useful tool for those traders who wonder how their theoretical portfolios would perform over time if they had purchased specified assets in a specified amount.

How to create a Virtual portfolio?

1. Go to the My Portfolio page and open the Virtual Portfolio tab

2. Click Create a portfolio

3. Name your portfolio and click Add token

4. Find the tokens you want to add to your portfolio

5. Enter the number of assets you would want to track and click Save

There is a pie chart next to the list to visualize your assets ratio in the portfolio.

When you are happy with the items in the portfolio, click Save.

6. Go back to the Virtual Portfolio tab and review your portfolio


❓Is the virtual portfolio's balance included in the total balance?

Yes, a newly created portfolio will be included in your overall balance with your real exchange accounts balances:

❓Can I exclude the virtual portfolio's balance from the total balance?

Yes, if you want to exclude this portfolio balance from your overall balance, go to the Virtual Portfolio tab and click on the three-dots menu button and switch on the Exclude from total toggle:

❓Can I edit the asset list or amounts of the asset?

Yes, of course, you can edit the virtual portfolio. Head to the Virtual Portfolio tab on the My Portfolio page, click on the three-dots menu button, and click Edit Portfolio:

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