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Portfolios: enabling and disabling "Auto Reallocate"
Portfolios: enabling and disabling "Auto Reallocate"

How to start and stop Auto Reallocate, aka: Automatic Balancing or Auto Rebalancing

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After you created a portfolio, you might want to make the reallocation process automated. To do so you need to open the information about the exchange account that you want to apply your portfolio to.

Enabling Auto Reallocate feature

1. Click on the View button

2. Turn on the toggle

At the very bottom of the page, you need to switch the toggle to green to enable the automated reallocation:

3. Choose the portfolio and the reallocation frequency

4. Click Save

And you are done! Congratulations! You have just enabled the auto reallocation!

Disable Auto Reallocate

To disable auto reallocate on the account, go to the My Portfolio page and click the View button:

Now disable "Auto Reallocate" by turning off the toggle:

That's it! The portfolio will not be applied automatically anymore!

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