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Troubleshoot error: -1135 "Invalid Account Status" (Binance Futures)
Troubleshoot error: -1135 "Invalid Account Status" (Binance Futures)

What's {"code"=>-1135, "msg"=>"Invalid account status."} and how can I fix it?

Updated over a week ago

If you have a SmartTrade, DCA Bot or Grid Bot that shows an error message similar to: "code"=>-1135, "msg"=>"Invalid account status."

The reason is because at 0000hrs UTC on 18th February, Binance Futures rolled out an update that affects all traders (not just 3Commas users) that use the minimum order sizes when placing orders on Futures contracts.

More information can be read here:

The error message itself is not a 3Commas software error, but is being passed directly back from the Binance exchange when 3Commas tries to place an order for the Bot or SmartTrade you have configured.

Binance have added several new criteria it will assess your trading activity against, and if repeated orders are placed that breach these rules, they will place a temporary ban on your account that will vary in duration.

As this change to Binance's Trading Rules was made suddenly without prior notification, our team are still assessing how users will be affected, however, we can provide the following reason we believe that triggers this error for most users:

"Dust Orders".

The Binance announcement linked above states that:

Dust orders count as a percentage of all orders count, where a dust order is an order with value less than the threshold value, which varies according to different symbols ($50 for now)

So to put it simply, if you are creating SmartTrades or Bots that are using the smallest order sizes on leverage that the exchange will allow, then you will be creating what Binance are calling "Dust Orders".

How do I avoid this problem?

To avoid triggering this new Trading Rule, we'd recommend editing your bots and lowering the Max Active Deals (for Multi-pair bots) or disabling some of your Single-pair bots, so that you can edit and increase the Base Order and Safety Order sizes to be above 50 USDT.

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