With 3Commas you have the opportunity to rebalance your assets into BTC or USDT with just a couple of clicks!

Note! This feature is available only for Binance, Bittrex, and Huobi.

Go to your Dashboard or My Portfolio pages, scroll down to the section of your connected exchanges, click on the 3-dots menu, and choose whether to Sell all to USD(T) or Sell all to BTC:

Confirm the rebalancing procedure:

After confirmation, you can review and approve the action by clicking on Sell to USDT (BTC) button:

Rebalancing using custom portfolios

By creating a portfolio, you can evaluate the past and future performance of your coins. Creating a portfolio will allow you to connect it to your Exchange balance and buy all the coins you need with one click. This is very convenient if you want to buy multiple coins. An auto-balancing feature is also available, which allows you to always keep the original ratio of your portfolio at any time period you choose.

To learn more about creating a portfolio click here.

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