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"Sell all to USD(T)" and "Sell all to BTC" History
"Sell all to USD(T)" and "Sell all to BTC" History

Want to see a report of the actions performed when the "Sell All to..." function was used? This page has the information you need!

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When you use the "Sell All to BTC" and "Sell All to USDT" functions, you can often be in a hurry and don't have the time to absorb all the information displayed; or have a query about what just happened with the Cryptocurrencies on your account.

You can find the "Sell All to..." buttons from the 3Commas My Portfolio page:

You can view the history for each time you use this important feature here:

Сlick the "Show" link by the item you wish to see more detail about:

You will see the general information of this process:

Then you can click on the arrow down button and see the full details.

An example of the history from a previous time the Sell all to BTC function was used:

Note that sometimes you can see the error message "Amount is too small to make an order". This error occurs when you hold a small amount of coins that 3Commas cannot sell for you as it doesn't meet your linked exchange's "Minimum Order Size" criteria.

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