Add the assets from the external wallet to your portfolio

3Commas does a great job keeping track of your portfolio value through linked exchanges. But you may have assets in a wallet or loose account that are not linked to 3Commas. You can use the Track your assets feature to add your external assets to your portfolio total on 3Commas.

By adding off-exchange assets to 3Commas, you will be able to keep track of your portfolio's total value, including external assets and the assets being traded through your linked exchanges.

  1. Choose the Real account tab and open My Exchanges page

  2. Click on Track your assets

    Make sure the API Connect tab (if available) is selected first:

  3. Name your Off-exchange assets

  4. Add your Tokens and the Amount and click Save

  5. On the My Exchanges tab, you can view, edit, and track your Off-exchange assets

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