Security. Attempted Attack
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The cryptocurrency industry has seen many attempted attacks on service providers, and we are no exception.

In many cases, attackers attempt various emails/passwords from stolen databases to login into user accounts on 3Commas. It’s important to note that the credentials used by the hackers in these instances are stolen from other sources, not from 3Commas.

Have I been compromised?

You can use the following site to help determine if your email address and/or other personal information has been compromised:

Unfortunately, this database does not have information on every data breach and therefore may not provide all necessary information on when your user details have been made public.

If you believe your accounts have been compromised:

First, we advise you to immediately change your email account password. If this information is compromised, attackers can request password reset for all the web services you use.

Second, change your passwords on 3Commas and any other financial websites (like Paypal, Amazon, etc).

Please remember that adhering to strict security measures are critical in maintaining security during cryptocurrency trading:

Two-Factor Authentication Is a Must

If you haven’t set up two-factor authentication (2FA) yet we strongly advise you to take a few minutes to complete this security measure.

Use Unique Passwords for Your Online Accounts

Even if you have a highly complex password, the safety of your online accounts are at risk if you use the same password for multiple accounts.

If hackers gain access to the login details for one of the services that you use, they can then use that information to access any online accounts where you have used the same password.

Using a unique password for each account means that even in the event of a data breach on one platform or service, your other accounts are not at risk.

Make Your Trading Fraud-Proof

Although 3Commas doesn’t store your money and does not allow for the withdrawing or transfer of funds from your exchange account, we highly recommend you to go through this crypto security checklist to ensure your funds remain safe.

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