DCA bots: backtesting

Wondering how you can Backtest strategies that you would like to use with your bots? Read on!

Updated over a week ago

Traders often ask about backtesting for bots but this is very difficult to achieve, especially if users have created bots that scalp small profits (<1%), as no chart data service can provide a 1-second chart data feed that goes back more the 24-48 hours.

Demo account (Paper Trading) was introduced a while ago and it simulates real-time forward testing which had much superior results than backtesting could offer.

Thus, the backtesting is not available on 3Commas.

REMEMBER - 3Commas also does not support TEST nets or TEST accounts of any kind, please avoid trying to connect them to 3Commas!

But there are some resources below that you might find useful if you would like to backtest bots and strategies.


If you have created (or are using) a published TradingView.com indicator, please check if the author has published a matching Strategy script as you can backtest these on your account at Tradingview.com.

Happy trading 💰💰💰

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