Marketplace Signals FAQ
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ℹ️ Marketplace and Apps Store purchases can only be made using Cryptocurrency.

⚠️ Please note that Cryptocurrency payments are not available in the UK, USA, Canada or UAE.

📌 I bought a signal and set up my bot, why isn't it opening any deals?

Look at the information on the signal provider's page, find the part about the frequency of the signals, how often they are being sent. Some signal providers send plenty of signals every day (for scalping/fast trades with low profit); others send fewer signals (for swing trading, longer trades, fewer trades but more profitable). Maybe you just need to be patient.

📌 Is there any other advice, any suggestions to help me choose a signal?

Of course! You can select some signal providers you are interested in and find out if they have any support communities - often you can join a support community and talk to the other signal users, learn how they find and choose signals; also responsive support from the signal provider is good to offer advice for trades and bot settings or confirm when signals were last sent.

📌 Most signal providers recommend using Multi-pair bots, but this option is not available in my current subscription plan!

Marketplace signals work best on Spot exchange accounts using Multi-pair bots. If your current subscription plan is Pro and you only have access to Single-pair bots, you can still subscribe to Marketplace signals, but you will have to create a separate bot for each trading pair that the provider sends signals for.

Please be informed that 3Commas and the Signal Providers do not offer financial advice.

The provided signals are capable of bringing both profits and losses, there are no 'foolproof' strategies that only win and never lose.

Also, we would like to remind you that if you choose to trade using signals, you entrust the management of your funds to a third-party service. Your trading results may differ from the statistics you can see in the signal provider's profile. It all depends on how quickly your order was executed in the order book, on market movements, and on the settings of your bots. We strongly recommend that you follow the instructions from the providers themselves, using the "How It Works" link in the profile description.

3Commas and Signal Providers are not responsible for any exchange-related issues that may interfere with your bot's trading process.

Good Luck 💰💰💰

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