Once you paid for the signals, you can proceed to create a bot directly from the Marketplace page:

Select the Multi-pair bot type and exchange which is connected to your 3Commas account and is supported by the signal. Then select the trading pairs recommended by the signal provider, or select all if specific pairs are not indicated, for example: BTC_all, USDT_all;

Select Long or Short, enter the volume to be used for each trade. Stop Loss and Take Profit should be configured in accordance with the recommendations from the signal provider. If necessary, set the number of active deals, which is how many deals the bot is allowed to open simultaneously.

Finally, select the signal that will be used as a condition to start the deal and click "Create".

All done! You've created your first bot!

Finally, we want to remind you that if you choose to trade using signals, you entrust the management of your funds to a third-party service. Your trading results may differ from the statistics that you see in the signal provider's profile. It all depends on how quickly your order was executed in the order book, on market movements and on the settings of your bots. We strongly recommend that you follow the instructions from the providers themselves, using the "How It Works" link in the profile description.

Good Luck 💰💰💰

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