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3Commas Accounts: I'm not receiving emails from 3Commas
3Commas Accounts: I'm not receiving emails from 3Commas

Help, I'm not receiving emails from 3Commas, such as "IP log-in codes" or "Verify my email address" messages!

Updated over a week ago

Unfortunately, this is a common issue with some email providers that filter messages for security or spam purposes. It is not uncommon for 3Commas email messages to be falsely marked as spam or junk.

What can I do?

Please log-in to the webmail interface of your email provider and search for any messages from

Some email providers don't send messages they may think are spam to your Smartphone or Email program, so you have to go to the webmail directly to check.

It can greatly help if you add to your webmail address book as this sometimes "whitelists" the sending address for future messages, to ensure they are not marked as spam or filtered from your smartphone or preferred email program.

If this is the problem in your email provider, you can change the email or the login type, just read the following article:
How to change a login method: Email & Facebook & Apple ID

If this still does not help or you don't want to change the email, please contact support and we will try to assist you!

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