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Futures: Trading Futures with Smart Trades
Futures: Trading Futures with Smart Trades

This article links to a series of guides to step you through creating your first Smart Trades on Futures!

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What are Futures?

If you don't know what Futures are or some of the reasons why you would want to trade them, start with this guide:

If you are used to trading Futures and have a Futures exchange account already, skip this guide and hop to the "SmartTrade Terminal Overview" step!

Don't have a Futures exchange account yet?

If you already have a Binance account, why not enable the Futures trading and link the Futures account to 3Commas so you can start to trade, follow these guides:

SmartTrade Terminal for Futures Overview

Read this guide to acquaint yourself with the Futures Smart Trade Terminal if you are new to 3Commas, it will help you when you follow the next few guides:

Creating your first Smart Long and Smart Short trades on Futures

These are a great couple of guides, the first talk you through a trade plan and then demonstrates creating Long and Short positions:

Here is an explanation of the other SmartTrade types and when you may wish to use them:

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