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Troubleshooting: Logging Support Incidents
Troubleshooting: Logging Support Incidents

Please "help us to help you" fast and efficiently by using this checklist

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Our support team is often dealing with many open tickets per day.

In order for our team to help you as fast and efficiently as possible, please follow this checklist when reporting a new incident you would like to be investigated.

1. SmartTrade information.

Please provide a screengrab with a visible SmartTrade ID and the "down arrow" pressed, which displays more information about the trade. If the deal or trade has "disappeared" - please head to the History page to find it.

Make sure the trade you want to be investigated is highlighted or other trades are cropped from the screengrab.

Example of Deal IDs:

Example of the full information after you click on the down arrow:

2. DCA bot's trade information.

Example of DCA bot's trade ID:

The window after the Deal ID number is clicked looks like this:

In the Bot events section, you can also see all the information about what bot has done recently, including error messages trades received.

3. How to find the DCA bot's ID?

  • Click on the bot name, and you can find the bot ID on your address bar (URL):

  • You can also use the "Share" button:

  • Also, you can find it in the bot command messages area:

All the above are available via the Bot's Information page by clicking the bot name.

4. Grid bot's information.

When there is a question about the Grid bot, please send a screenshot with information about it in an unfolded manner, just click on the down arrow button:

If you click on the bot's name, a new tab will be opened with detailed information:

5. To find the Grid bot ID, you can do it in 2 ways:

  1. After clicking on the name of the bot, in the new tab look into the web address bar (URL):

  2. Click on the three-dot menu and click on the Share button

    The link will look like this:

You can share the entire link and our support team will find the bot's ID to further investigate your question.

6. Error.

Was there an error message displayed in your DCA bot's deal? If so, can you please click on Error word and include the message in your incident report?

Example of an error message description when clicking on:

If your trade did not close as you expected, please click on the deal pair, switch to 1 minute time frame chart and include a screengrab with the cursor placed on the candle where you feel a problem occurred.

Example of 1-minute chart with the cursor placed on candle:

If you believe you have an issue with the indicator malfunction (to open or close the deal), please head to the exchange website, find the trading pair, and open the Original type of the chart, not TradingView chart:

And make sure to choose the correct timeframe, the one that matches your indicator's settings.

7. How to contact support team using widget.

To log a new support incident, please click the widget button at the bottom right corner of your browser window:

There you can Ask a question, search for the Help Center article or open the previous messages you've had with our support team:

You can upload Videos and Images using the Paperclip button to attach files to your support request - please do NOT send links to 3rd party file-sharing websites as we will not open them for security reasons.

Thank you!

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