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Troubleshooting: Logging Support Incidents
Troubleshooting: Logging Support Incidents
Please "help us to help you" fast and efficiently by using this checklist
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Our support team are often dealing with many open tickets per day.

In order for our team to help you as fast and as efficiently as possible, please can you follow this checklist when reporting a new incident you would like to be investigated.

  • Please provide a screengrab with a visible trade or deal ID and the "down arrow" pressed which displays more information about the trade. If the deal or trade has "disappeared" - please head to History page to find it.

    Make sure the trade you want to be investigated is highlighted or other trades are cropped from the screengrab (please keep in mind that bot deal IDs are clickable and contain a lot of useful order information)

Examples of Deal IDs and trade Date/Time locations


Bot Deals:

A Bot's "Deal ID" number when clicked:

  • Was there an error message displayed, if so, can you hover your mouse over it and include the message in your incident report?

Example of an error message description when hovering over it with your mouse

  • If your trade did not close as you expected, please click on the deal pair, switch to 1 minute time frame chart and include a screengrab with the cursor placed on the candle where you feel a problem occurred.

Example of 1 minute chart with cursor placed on candle

How to find the Bot ID

Go to the Bot's Information page by clicking the bot name, and you can find the bot ID on your address bar (URL):

You can also use the "Share" button:

Also, you can find it in the bot command messages area:

All the above are available via the Bot's Information page by clicking the bot name.

To log a new support incident, please click the "Widget" at the bottom right-corner of your browser window, cllick "Send Us a Message" and follow the prompts on the screen:

You can upload Videos and Images using the "Paperclip" to attach files to your support request - please do NOT send links to 3rd party file-sharing websites as we will not open them for security reasons.

Thank you!

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