What is the Opened Orders tool?

This article applies to users trading with Binance Trader and Binance/Binance Futures accounts.

Sometimes when trading, you wish to see the orders opened on the Exchange and open Positions on Futures Exchanges.

It might be that you have a position that has partially filled and you wish to check the status, other times you may have Safety Orders for bots you wish to cancel, also this tool is very useful if you have “cancelled” a Futures trade or it has failed for any reason. You can use this tool to view opened orders for any Grid bots you have running.

The “Opened Orders” tool displays both limit orders waiting on the exchange order books to fill (these can be “add funds” orders, safety orders, stop loss orders or take profit orders) and also any open positions you have running on Futures.

Where can I find the Opened Orders tool?

If you go to “My Exchanges” or “My Account” page from the main menu, click the “eye” button next to the Binance Trader, Exchange Wallet, Futures Wallet, or any linked Binance account:

Scroll to the bottom of the page under all the graphs and click the “Opened Orders” button:

What do open orders look like?

Here is an example screen, showing the opened orders from a USDT_LTC Grid bot:

Managing open Futures “Positions”

If you “cancel” an opened Futures Smart Trade or Bot deal, the “Position” on the exchange remains open and is still able to be liquidated!

Here is an example of “cancelling” an active Futures trade:

If you do this, you will need to still “Close” the Position by pressing the “Close” button on the Opened Orders page.

Here is an example screen, showing opened positions on a Futures trade:

Please note: If your Position was a Long, then you can also choose to create a new “Smart Long” trade to take over this active position, set a Stop loss and/or Take Profit steps.

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