SmartTrade Terminal Overview
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Familiarise yourself with the SmartTrade Terminal page - to enter the Smart Trade Terminal, click “Smart Trades” (1) from the main 3Commas menu.

Ensure that you have the Chart and Trading Tools visible by checking the “TradingView” and “Trade terminal” options (2) - you typically would disable these tools if you are simply monitoring open trades and are on a mobile device or a cellular connection on a Smartphone (less of your chargeable 3/4/5G network Data is used), this is also helpful if you are using 3Commas “on the move” and have a slow data connection.

You can select the exchange you wish to trade on, the market and the cryptocurrency “pairs” available from the dropdown boxes (3).

TIP: If you click the little “Star” icon next to your favorite cryptocurrencies to trade, they appear as “shortcuts” just under the “Exchange”, “Market” and “Trading Pair” dropdown boxes. This makes them very easy and fast to switch between! You can see we have selected XLM (Stellar), ETH (Ethereum), LTC (Litecoin), and BTC (Bitcoin) for easy access.

You can view a live Chart of the selected cryptocurrency “trading pair” and change the chart time frame or add basic trading “Indicators” (such as the RSI or MACD) from the chart window. We hope to support the live Orderbook view soon (4).

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