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Demo account (Paper Trading account)
Enable Demo account (Paper Trading account)
Enable Demo account (Paper Trading account)

Check how to activate Demo account.

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Please note that trading with real funds will always be given priority of 3Commas system resources over Demo accounts, and therefore, at times of high system demand, Demo trading processes may be interrupted or delayed.

Thank you for your understanding.

1. Check if you see it on the top bar

If it's not there, go to account settings:

Find the Show Demo account on the right side and switch the toggle to green:

2. Click Activate under Paper Trading on the top bar

3. Done!

Now you can create SmartTrades and bots using this account. There is no difference in how you create bots and SmartTrades on Real account or on Demo account.

4. To switch back to Real trading, click on the Real summary balance card

Please note: in order to ensure the Demo account system runs smoothly and efficiently for all users, the maximum amount of active deals can run is 1500. And the maximum amount of active DCA bots is 1500 also. These numbers are combined across Real and Demo accounts, meaning you can manage bots/deals according to your needs: 1000 active DCA bots on a real account and 500 on the Demo account. This rule also works for active trades.

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