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DCA bots: bulk editing bots' deals in Control Panel
DCA bots: bulk editing bots' deals in Control Panel
Updated over a week ago

Now, users on both old and new Pro and Expert plans can select and manage several DCA bots' deals at once using Control Panel!

Currently, only Cancel and Close at market price options are available, but more tools are yet to come so stay tuned!

Please note that the Control Panel is in beta mode and is not part of our current subscription plans. It may become a chargeable feature when released.

1. Go to Control Panel and open DCA deals tab

2. Apply the filters if needed

The filters are:

  • Accounts - you can choose all, one, or more than one exchange account to display the deals.

  • Pairs - you can specify the pair/-s to be displayed.

  • Bots - you can choose one or several bots you wish to see the deals of.

  • Status - you can choose one or several statuses of deals that you want to see.

  • Strategies - you can choose between Long and Short bots.

  • Dates - set the creation dates as Range, From or To.

3. Choose what columns you want to display in the deals table

4. Sort the deals list

For example, by the Pair name:

5. Select the needed deals

After all filtering and sorting are done, you can now select several deals to Close at market price or Cancel them:

While canceling or closing the deals at the market price, you will see the status bar of the process:

Closing this window will not interrupt the process and it will be finished anyway.

6. Individual deals

If you don't need to edit several deals, you can Edit or SmartTrade convert one trade by clicking on the three-dots menu:

7. History tab

This tab has the same meaning and filters as the History page:

In future releases, the possibility of editing several trades' parameters will be added, so stay tuned!

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