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Why did my deal open in the wrong condition?
Why did my deal open in the wrong condition?

Learn why your deal may open in the wrong time and condition.

Updated over a week ago

Sometimes you may notice, that the deal opened when the conditions seemed not to be true. Here is why this can happen.

TradingView (so as 3Commas) skips empty candles, while Exchanges do not.

You can check directly on the exchange`s chart that the condition was matched.

Exchanges don't supply the charts beyond their platforms, so we have to license the TradingView software that we run on our servers.

On Binance.US, for example, their chart prints candles when no trading has occurred, and therefore the RSI value is different from TradingView chart software embedded into 3Commas and on the website.

Binance US website with "built-in" chart widget:

3Commas and charts:

The bots read the RSI value directly from the exchange data (as the exchange allows us to view this over the API connection). However, the candle data is not provided the same way, so we had to buy the TradingView chart widget to show users charts for their trades.

Charts with no trading volume and/or poor liquidity can exhibit several strange behaviors, such as "skipped" candles, "flat" candles (that look like a "-" on the chart), and also gaps between candles that close and the next candle that opens; here's an example of missing candles due to no trading occurring for frequent periods (compared to ETH/USD chart below that is very liquid):

Both charts show the 1-minute timeframe, but the top chart is missing candles and not tracking with the bottom graph with no missing candles.

To avoid issues like this, you can set a filter in your bot's settings for "minimum 24hr Volume" and set it to higher than 100 (the values are represented in BTC), so a location of 100 would mean over $3,000,000 of a token would have to be traded in the last 24 hours or the bot would not open a trade on this coin pair.

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