Can't remove the account. Active smart trades or grid bots or deals are present.

Error: cannot remove the account, active trade or smart bot in action, Retry or close.

There are open orders on this exchange. Please cancel them and retry.

If you want to delete some, or all, of your connected Exchanges or your whole 3Commas account, you can do it this way:

You need to Stop/Close all your active trades before you can delete any linked exchanges you may have.

Please check, do you have any active:


DCA bots:

GRID bots:

If not, then please go to this page find your Exchange and delete it.

NOTE: If you delete a linked exchange account, we can not restore it for you. You would need to add it back as a new one.

Please remember: If you delete the API key, then this will also remove any bots and history from previous trades for this linked exchange account.

We strongly recommend that users update their API key for the linked account rather than delete it from 3Commas. You can update an API key to a new one on this page:

This way all the active deals and bot settings will be saved.

Don't forget to stop bots on the Paper account.

Error status: 401 You need to sign in or sign up before continuing.

This may occur if you resume your computer or laptop from "sleep" mode and your network connection hasn't started yet.

Please wait a few seconds and refresh the page to log into your 3Commas account again.

Login: You reached attempt limits. Please resolve the captcha.

CAPTCHA doesn't work properly

  • Please, click Ctrl+F5 and try to log in again (Shift+F5 on a Mac)

  • Be sure you are not trying to log-in using an Incognito browser window, as the CAPTCHA can't work within an Incognito or Private tab;

  • Try to clear your browser cache and cookies;

  • Try to access via another browser;

  • Try to login in on another device, such as the browser on your smartphone.

Wrong token. Request confirmation should be done in the same browser and session.

This error means that your account is already marked for deletion.

Your account will be deleted after the 7 day "cool-off" period has expired, if you change your mind and wish to cancel the account deletion request, please contact the 3Commas Support Team.

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