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Troubleshoot error: Price moved below the profitable area too fast
Troubleshoot error: Price moved below the profitable area too fast
If you see this message and wonder what it means and how it can affect your trades and Safety Orders, read on!
Updated over a week ago

If you have Telegram linked to your 3Commas account on the Settings page or you are reviewing your bot's Last Events (when you click the Bot's name on the 3Commas web interface), you may see this message from time to time:

"The bot was unable to close the deal as the price moved below the profitable area too fast. The trailing has been disabled and the deal reverted to the initial status, now it is waiting for trailing activation condition again."

When this happens, active Safety Orders are cancelled as the bot was preparing to take profit, but due to a candle wick triggering the trailing take profit feature, the bot was unable to close the trade under these conditions (as price fell back too fast) and if the bot executed a Market Order to close the trade, the closing price would be unpredictable and could possibly lead to loss, particularly if trading on futures exchanges.

If you experience this error message often, you can take action by implementing one (or a combination) of the suggestions below:

  • Analyse the coin charts that the bot is allowed to trade on, and pay particular attention to the 1 minute candle time frame; if the candles have gaps between them, no candle bodies or lots of wicks (also called "shadows") often bigger than the surrounding candle bodies then this coin is a poor choice to use with Trailing Take Profit; it is recommended to disable Trailing Take Profit on this bot. It may be a good idea to split your funds across two bots, one with Trailing Take Profit enabled and "hand-picked" coin pairs with liquid charts and not many wicks; the other bot can be configured without Trailing Take Profit enabled and used with other coin pairs with charts that have wicks, gaps or many candles without bodies.

  • Set "Max Active Safety Orders" to 1 in the bot settings, as if the Trailing Take Profit is triggered and then subsequently deactivated, this would only skip/cancel the 1 Safety Order already placed in the exchange order book; the remaining Safety Orders will be placed correctly if the Trailing Take Profit activates and then reverts back to the "waiting" status.

  • Any skipped/cancelled Safety Orders can be recreated using the Add Funds option using the button by the running bot deal that looks like: "+$ Add Funds" - this can often be advantageous as you can click the blue link to the bot deal's coin pair, and view the current chart and pick strategic levels to manually recreate the Safety Orders at strong levels of support on the chart.

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