Check active and closed trades
View active trades, check history with completed trades.
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Switch with one click

Active trades and history are two tabs on the same block.
It's on the Smart Trade page bottom, move and resize it if you like.

Active trades

Switch to the "Trades" tab to find all ongoing trades.

Search and sort to save time

  1. Search by pair name.

  2. Switch automatic refresh for trades.

  3. Click on the column name with an arrow to sort trades.

Understand trades by checking the status

You can spot different trade types, setting, states at a glance.

Above is a limit sell order:

  • The current price is on the left.

  • The order price is on the right.

  • The fill status to see if there's a partial fill. 

Partial fills happen mainly with large orders. It's a bit advanced topic, don't worry if you don't know about this yet.

It's a Smart Trade with both buy and sell conditions:

  • You see the buy price on the right, so the trade bought coins already.

  • It's two sell targets. You see the first one as filled already and the second one on the right.

  • The current price is 13.5% higher than the buy price. 

A Smart Trade with both Stop Loss and Take Profit:

  • The Stop Loss condition is on the left.

  • The current price is 2.5% lower than the entry price in the middle.

  • The Take Profit condition is on the right.

Check where the trade happens

Find the exchange account name under the pair on the left.


It's the trade size:

  • In the coin on the top

  • In the currency on the bottom

Here we bought 6 ETH using 0.125 BTC.


Switch to the "History" tab to find all completed trades.

  1. Search and sort the same way as with active trades.

  2. Expand and minimize filters to control which trades you see.

Filter trades you want to see

  1. Filter by dates when you created trades. You can set a date range by using both from and to. From 09/01/2019 to 09/01/2019 gets all trades you created in September.

  2. Select trades closed at a specific time. You can set a date range: from 01/01/2019 to 02/28/2019 gets all trades closed in January and February.

  3. Show trades only from one exchange account, and filter even more by setting a pair.

  4. Clear all filters at once.

  5. Filter by status: canceled, finished, failed. You can also hide or show simple trades: limit or market orders without Stop Loss and Take Profit. 

  6. Export trades to CSV.

Expand for more details

Click the expand button near the pair. You can do this with active trades too.

Open a detailed chart

Click the pair name to open a helpful chart with all orders.
It works for both active and closed trades.

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