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Split funds smarter with Multi-pair bots
Split funds smarter with Multi-pair bots

Use one bot to open multiple deals, spend less to catch more signals.

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Single-pair bots always need funds

You should not only create a Single-pair for every pair but allocate funds. It's a pain to hold funds for a hundred bots while only a few have active deals. Even bots without a deal require funds to be ready to open it.

Optimize how you use funds

You probably don't like when 9 of 10 bots are idling. Investments are doing nothing, yet you can't move them as bots need funds to be ready to open deals.

Funds allocation %

Split funds smarter:

  • Use a Multi-pair bot with ten coins but trade one. The bot requires funds only for one deal even it has ten pairs. 

  • Let the bot choose a few pairs from a hundred. You don't need to create a hundred Single-pair bots and hold funds for all coins.

  • Avoid reserving funds for coins never have signals.

Monitor many pairs to open more deals

Sometimes you have no trades, and you're happy about it when the price looks terrible. But when you analyze only a few coins, it becomes the most of times. Chances to find five deals with five pairs are ultimately low. 

Choose favorable coins

One coin has a nice price to buy while another is already on the peak. The more pairs you analyze, the higher chances to find great deals, but you never know how many opportunities there are. 

Deals per day

Never miss opportunities:

  • Create a Multi-pair bot with many pairs.

  • Limit active trades according to available funds, say two at a time.

  • The bot opens two deals using first signals.

  • While two deals are active, the bot ignores all signals.

  • After a deal closes, the bot can open a new one.

Try Multi-pair bots on paper trading

Create a bot: 

  • Give each bot a unique name

  • Set pair to USDT_BTC.

  • Set the base order size to 50 USDT.

  • Set the safety order size to 50 USDT.

  • Set the target profit to 0.1%.

  • Set the max safety trades count to 9.

  • Set the deal start condition to Trading View 15 minutes. It produces signals fairly often, ideal for a test bot.

Switch to Multi-pair

Add some pairs or even press "USDT_ALL"

Max active deals

Limit how many funds the bot can use, set this one to maintain no more than five deals. 

Create & start the bot

Now one bot monitors all coins you like but trades five at max:

  • You don't hold excess funds for this bot.

  • If the bot mostly has two active deals, limit it to two and move funds somewhere else.

  • Change pairs without stopping the bot.

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