Usually, you will see something like this on the page Profit in the selected currency.

(1) But sometimes there will be a negative value near a positive one. It can be in base currency as well as in quote one. The amount could be positive too.

It's a healthy situation, and you aren't losing anything. There is nothing wrong with profit calculations and your final gain shown below numbers in $. It includes the negative amount too if there is any.

The reason for this is the exchange's limitations for price step and volume step.

  • When the bot should buy 10.5 KEY, but the exchange limits the order size to an integer number, so it should be 11 or 10. If the bot buys less (10 KEY), a negative amount in KEY will appear. And a positive one in a second currency from the pair. If the bot buys more (11 KEY), a negative amount in a second currency from the pair will appear. And a positive one in the KEY.

  • When the bot should buy 10 KEY for $0.015, but the exchange limits price step to two decimal places, so it should be $0.02 or $0.01. If the bot buys lower ($0.01), the number will be positive. If higher ($0.02) it will be negative.

To reduce this effect you should hold some BNBs to pay fees (for Binance), Take Profit should be set to Quote, Order size should be increased

(2) But if you see negative values in both fields, your deal indeed closed Take profit in loss.

This could happen only with Market Take profit (Conditional or with enabled Trailing):

the order was sent into exchange order-book, and filled all BIDs (if it is Long deal) on it`s way, so average sell price became even lower than average buy price.

The reason for this:

  • Huge price drop

  • Low order-book

  • Too big order size for specific pair

  • Low presetted Take Profit percentage

  • Big presetted Trailing percentage comparing to Take Profit

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