View portfolios
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The page (the "Portfolios" section in the menu) provides a list of recently added portfolios

Please note: these portfolios were created by regular service users like you.

The button names speak for themselves, but don’t confuse "View" and "Apply": the former opens an image of the page shown below, while the latter applies the portfolio to your account on the exchange.

Here and below, you will see the same information as when creating a portfolio, except for the chart "Profit", which makes it possible to analyze the profitability of the selected portfolio over various time periods, and the buttons:

  • "Copy & edit" which you can use to copy the portfolio you need and change it as you wish;

  • "Apply" which syncs the balance in your exchange with the portfolio;

  • "Follow" which makes it possible to save a portfolio of your choice for easy access at a later time. All favorite portfolios will be located in the corresponding subsection of the "Portfolios" menu.

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