How Trailing Buy Works
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Trailing buy is a reversed version of Trailing Take Profit for coins that are falling in value.
It's used to buy coins at the best possible rate.

Trailing Sell has exactly the same logic as Trailing Buy but has the reversed settings. In this article, we'll describe only the Trailing Buy option, as it's used much more often.

To activate the "Trailing Buy" option, click the slider to turn it on. This feature will automatically enable Conditional Market Order type.

The percentage should be set to the amount you'd like it to trail up before purchasing to avoid purchasing the tokens while they continue to fall.

Imagine that the price of BTC is going down.
John wants to buy 1 BTC at the best possible price.
The current BTC rate is $34,360, so John places a Trailing Buy order at $33,500 and sets the price deviation to 1%. So when the $33,500 price level is reached, the Trailing feature will be turned on, and it will follow the price at a 1% deviation.

Here is another Trailing Buy example of actions that describes this feature more detailed in the following table:

The trigger price was set to $400 and the deviation was set to 10%.

Using the Trailing Buy tool, a trader has purchased ETH for $385 instead of the initial $400, which is 4% lower due to Trailing Buy.

For better understanding, review the following animated demonstration.
You'll notice how Trailing Buy follows the market's price down until it rises to the required percentage set by you.

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