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We offer four subscriptions: 

  • The starter subscription is an ideal choice for manual traders. If you don't plan to use algorithmic bots, go with it.
  • The advanced subscription adds simple bots. If you don't need BitMEX and Bybit bots, and one pair per bot is enough, it's your fit. Compare simple and composite bots.
  • The pro subscription adds composite bots and access to margin exchanges like BitMEX and Bybit. It's a top tier with access to every feature we offer.
  • The free junior subscription provides access to everything except paper trading. If you trade with less than $750 or on Huobi Global only, you can use 3Commas for free. Find more about the free subscription.

Ensure we support your exchange before subscribing.

Pricing and details

Prices are in USD for non-EU residents.
For EU residents it's the same price but in EUR. VAT included.


  • Manual trading with Smart Trade
  • Paper trading with Smart Trade
  • Unlimited amount of connected exchange API accounts
  • Unlimited amount of active trades
  • No bots

Prices per month:

  • 29 monthly
  • 24 semi-annually, as a one-time payment of 147.9 
  • 21 annually, as a one-time payment of 261.0


  • Everything on Starter
  • Algorithmic trading with simple bots
  • Unlimited amount of simple bots
  • Unlimited amount of active bot deals
  • Paper trading with Smart Trade and simple bots
  • No access to BitMEX and Bybit

Prices per month:

  • 49 monthly
  • 41 semi-annually, as a one-time payment of 249.9 
  • 36 annually, as a one-time payment of 441.0


  • Everything on Advanced
  • Algorithmic trading with composite bots
  • Unlimited amount of composite bots
  • Full access to paper trading
  • Access to BitMEX and Bybit bots

Prices per month:

  • 99 monthly
  • 84 semi-annually, as a one-time payment of 504.9 
  • 74 annually, as a one-time payment of 891.0


  • Everything on Pro
  • No paper trading
  • For users who trade with less than $750 across all connected exchanges
  • For users with any deposit size who use Huobi Global only 

Free. Check the article about Junior subscription.

Available on all subscriptions


  • Browser
  • Mobile Apps
  • Email
  • Telegram


  • View
  • Create
  • Copy & Edit
  • Apply to exchange
  • Auto reallocate

Referral program 

  • Accessible without subscribing
  • Get % of each cryptocurrency payment your referrals make
  • Use income to pay for subscriptions
  • Withdraw income in USDT


The same limitations the subscription has. As an example, no bots on the Starter plan.

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