Black Friday 2023 is coming!

Introduction to 3Commas Black Friday sale 2023 and FAQ

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Black Friday campaign duration 🕐

Start - Wednesday, 22nd November at 13:00 UTC+0

Finish - Wednesday, 30th November at 13:00 UTC+0

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner, please stay tuned for further announcements on our amazing deals which will be published on the 22nd November.

Follow us on Telegram or at the 3Commas X account to be among the first to be notified!

Exclusive Black Friday offers

Offers will be only available for our new Pro and Expert subscription plans (not available for old subscription plan types).

New Subscription Plan details

Check out our helpful guide on our new Subscription Plans.

Currently on an old 3Commas Subscription Plan?

If you currently have one of our old Starter, Advanced or Pro subscriptions, please check this useful guide with information on moving to the new plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my subscription renew with the Black Friday discount if the recurring payments are turned on?

No, the following subscription will be purchased according to the normal pricing without a Black Friday discount. To take part when the sale starts on 22nd November, please cancel your recurring payment on the Subscription History page, and then purchase your desired plan!

What happens if I accidentally purchase the wrong plan?

Don't worry. You can upgrade to a higher annual plan level during the sale period; any unused time on your plan will be used to reduce the cost of the new plan level you choose.

If you require a refund, please check our comprehensive Refund Policy.

I don't see the new Pro and Expert plans on my Subscriptions page!

Existing 3Commas subscribers will see the new plans from the 21st November, if you do not have a recurring payment enabled.

You can find more information on moving to the new plans here.

Will Marketplace signals or 3C Apps Store items have a discount?

As these services are provided by 3rd parties, they are not included in the 3Commas promotion, as 3Commas does not set or control these prices. However, please check your favourite provider on the Marketplace or 3C Apps Store pages to see if they have updated their prices to coincide with the sale period!

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