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How to update OKX API connection with Fast Connect
How to update OKX API connection with Fast Connect
Learn how quickly and easy you can update your OKX connection.
Updated over a week ago


As you might know, 3Commas introduced the Fast Connect option to connect your OKX account to 3Commas with no effort. Now it's possible to update the OKX connection using Fast Connect!

Here is how to update OKX API keys with Fast Connect:

1. Go to the API Management page on OKX and delete old API keys created manually or by Fast Connect (this eliminates any possible errors while updating with Fast Connect).

2. Go to the My Portfolio page on 3Commas and click on the Update API Key button on the needed exchange card.


3. Choose Fast Connect and click on the Reconnect button.

4. Proceed with the log-in procedure on OKX.

5. Approve the API connection procedure

6. There, your exchange is updated!


1) If you changed the email or Security setting (2FA, password, etc.) for your OKX account, this would also make your API connection invalid. In this case, you will have to wait 24 hours and reproduce the steps above!

2) Do not whitelist IP pool.

That's it! These steps will solve any problem you may face while updating or connecting using the usual way or the Fast Connect feature!

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