NOTE! If you don't have Unified Margin Account, please follow to this article:

Bybit Spot and Derivatives: how to create API keys

Bybit has introduced the Unified Margin Account - Multi-Asset Trading Under One Account!*

*More detailed information about it you can find on this page.

This type of account is not yet supported on 3Commas. It is not obligatory to upgrade.

But if you did or want to migrate to this Unified account, it is still possible to connect Bybit to 3Commas!

Here is what you need to do.

1. Go to

Log in or create a new account at

2. Go to the Subaccount page

Click on the account icon, then click on the Subaccount button:

3. Click on the Create Subaccount button

4. Choose Standart Subaccount

5. Create a unique name and click on the Confirm button

6. After the 2FA verification click on the API Management button

7. Click on the Create New Key button

8. Click on the Connect to Third-Party Applications and choose 3Commas

9. Tick Orders and Positions for Contract and Trade for SPOT and click Submit

10. Pass 2FA verification and you will get the API keys

Save them somewhere safe to avoid exposure and click on the Understood button.

Remember, the API Secret will be shown only once!

11. Go back to the Subaccounts page and click on the Transfer Asset button

To connect the exchange correctly you need to transfer the funds first.

12. Complete the transfer

Choose where from and where to transfer the assets. Choose between Spot and Derivatives only. Then choose the Coin, the Amount and then click on Submit:

13. You are done! Now you can connect the exchange using your API keys with the help of this article:
Connect an exchange using an API key

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