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Important update from 08.02.2023:

  • Now it's available to use the Reinvest feature in Smart Bots! More details are below in this article.

Welcome to the Smart Bot with Algorithmic mode!

It is a brand-new product from 3Commas! Here are the advantages that make this bot unique and valuable:

  • The bot is not using historical data but uses the global market patterns that are identified through technical analysis.

  • These patterns are universal and appear on most currencies on the exchanges.

  • This strategy is common for every trading pair, the bot changes its parameters according to every trading pair's characteristics.

  • The bot can adapt to market changes:

    • the market grows - the bot gains profit;

    • the market is sideways - the bot gains less profit;

    • the market goes slightly downwards - the bot gains small profit;

    • the market dumps - the bot might have some losses, but less than the market's downward movement.

  • Our team constantly researches, reviews, and improves the algorithm and parameters of the bot.

  • The algorithm can trade on any trading pair, but our trading experts have chosen only the most reliable trading assets.

Technical advantages of the Smart Bot
with Algorithmic Mode

  1. The bot opens only 1 trade with 1 pair - it prevents bigger drawdowns on the bear market.

  2. The main signal to start the deal is QFL but with extra strict filters adjusted by our team to make signals more precise and secure.

  3. There is only a Base order in the trade, Safety orders are NOT used in this bot.

  4. The minimum Base order size (trade size) is 30 USDT, but it also depends on the exchange`s limits.

  5. The minimum deposit is 72 USDT.

  6. Take profit level is calculated according to the token's historical volatility.

  7. The bot takes profit partially - 50% at the TP's half deviation and 50% at full deviation.

  8. After the first TP (50% of trade) is executed, Stop Loss moves to breakeven!

  9. Stop Loss is placed at the same deviation as the second TP.

  10. Timeout for an active deal is 3600 minutes - this means that the active trade will be closed automatically if neither TP nor SL closed the deal.

  11. The maximum number of simultaneous trades is 100, and the number of simultaneous trades depends on the deposit size. Here is a table where you can see the relationship between deposit and max trades count:

Deposit needed in USDT

Max simultaneous trades count







































If you have a deposit of more than 4740 USDT, there will be maximum of 100 simultaneous trades anyway, but their Base order sizes will be increased in proportion to your investment size. The formula to calculate the trade size is as following:
default min per trade * current investment / max investment


30 * 8000 (your investment, for example) / 4740 ≈ 50,63 USDT will be used per trade. The size of the trade cannot be changed manually.

How to create a Smart Bot with Algorithmic trading?

1. Go to the Smart Bot page and select Algorithmic

2. Choose an exchange

NOTE - Only SPOT markets are available for Algorithmic Smart Bot!

A full list of exchanges that support Smart Bots can be found in this article:
Available Exchanges and Supported Features

3. Choose the size of the deposit

Currently, only USDT is supported by this Smart Bot.

You can either type in the amount or choose the part of your deposit:

4. Enable the Reinvest profit feature if needed

This feature allows you to reinvest the entire profit back into the bot's trading Investment! There is no more need to add your profit manually to the bot!

NOTE! This feature is available only on the Pro plan.

5. Click on Create bot button

6. Choose whether you want to Start the bot or wait for another time

7. Here you go! Now you have your own Smart Bot with Algorithmic Mode!


Where to find active Smart Bot?

To see your active Smart Bot go to the Smart Bot page again.

PLEASE NOTE - for any paid subscription plan, you can run only 1 Smart Bot on Real account and 1 Smart Bot on Paper Trading account.

What can I change in the created bot?

Here is what you can do with your new bot:

  1. Rename it.

  2. Invest more in it.

  3. Open the menu where you can Copy the bot's ID and Stop/Delete the bot.

How to add funds to the bot?

If you ever wish to add more funds for the bot to operate with, you need to click on the Invest more button and choose the amount of additional investment. You can either type in the exact amount of the funds or move the slider and choose the % from the Available funds. To see how much available funds you have, you need to hover over the blue number on the top right part of the popped window as in the screenshot below:

Where I can see active trades?

To see your active trades open the Active deals tab.

Here you can Close at Market Price - this will close the trade and sell the purchased assets with current profit or loss.

Where to find the trading history?

To see the bot's trading history, open the Deals history tab:

This tab will also display the closed trades from the previous bots if you had some before.

How to find the results of bot's trades? Where is the profit?

Here you can see the total profit or loss and your current uPnL.

That means this value can change without closed trades, representing the profit from closed trades AND the current situation of active trades.
This will be your final profit if you stop the bot and close all the trades at the market price.

Why the bot does not open any trades?

Bot may need some time to open the first trade, as there might not be any signal.

If there are no closed trades, there will be a status Looking for the first deal, even if there are some active trades:

What happens if I want to stop the bot and click on the Stop button?

After you click on the Stop button you will see the pop-up window with information about your current uPNL that will be realised and a warning that ALL trades will be closed at the market price immediately.

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