Hello, traders!

As you might know, the end of November is famous for its Black Friday events!

And we have prepared something great for you too!

All about the Black Friday 2022 promotion!

Black Friday Promotion will last from November 24th till November 27th!
Followed by Cyber Monday promotion that will be from November 28th till November 30th!

During the Black Friday promotion, you will have an extra discount of up to the 60% when purchasing the subscription!

  • Web-version:
    60% off on ALL yearly plans.

    The subscription that is purchased on the Web is also valid on the Mobile apps.
    But if you have an active subscription purchased via Mobile App, you can only manage them in the same Mobile application and not on the Web!

  • iOS:
    Up to 60% off yearly PRO - final pricing depends on the country (due to the AppStore policy).
    On iOS app it's only possible to buy a Pro subscription (monthly or annual).

    You will receive a promo code for the purchase that should be applied in the AppStore, not in the 3Commas app (due to the AppStore policies also).

  • Android app:

    Unfortunately, the subscriptions section of the Android app is currently under maintenance. Perhaps this issue will be resolved by Google Play during the coming days.
    But you still may take advantage of our sales using the 3Commas Web Interface - there are 60% discounts on ALL annual plans!

That's not all we have for you!

In addition, there will be a prize pool that grows based on the number of annual subscriptions purchased during the Black Friday period. Any trader that buys, or renews an annual subscription (including by a recurring payment), enters the pool:

  • If 4,000 subscriptions are purchased, each user who participated will receive 1 month of PRO for free!

  • If 12,000 subscriptions are purchased, each user who participated will receive 2 months of PRO for free!

  • If 20,000 subscriptions are purchased, each user who participated will receive 3 months of PRO for free!

Promo Codes will be distributed on 5th December 2022 via email.

And this is not all you can get!

Our partners have prepared some unique offerings for our traders!

  1. Offer from OKX:

    • Register a new account on OKX, pass KYC level 2 verification, link it to 3Commas, and be one of the first 300 users to hit $1,000 of trading volume to qualify for a $100 fee rebate bonus from OKX!

    • Already using OKX exchange on 3Commas? Buy 3Commas yearly subscription during Black Friday, and on 5th December OKX will send out $100 fee rebate information to your registered email address and provide zero trading fees to 3Commas users!

  2. Offer from TradingView.com:
    TradingView is an advanced charting platform and vibrant social network for traders and investors to share ideas, live stream, and participate in community chat rooms.
    Register a new account on Tradingview.com using this link and get cashback with TradingView Coins:

    • Receive $10 of TradingView Coins for a monthly subscription


    • Receive $30 of TradingView Coins when purchasing a yearly subscription!

    This offer is only for new users who haven’t registered a TV account.

  3. Offer from The Better Traders:
    3Commas Advanced Courses from The Better Traders with a 50% discount!

    Learn The Most Advanced 3Commas Strategies for Bot Trading Mastery!

    Learn More about Better TradersCourses or contact their support team at support@thebettertraders.com.


How do I select the best plan for me?

We have a variety of plans fitting the needs of beginner traders and pro traders alike. See our Available Subscriptions.

How can I benefit from the Black Friday sale as an existing subscriber?

  1. If you are an existing Free or monthly subscriber with 3Commas:

    • On the web, you are eligible for all Black Friday offers, and your plan will be automatically upgraded in the purchase flow. But first, you need to stop the recurrent payment and then buy a subscription.

  2. If you are an existing annual subscriber:

    • On the web, you can take advantage of the Black Friday discounts and upgrade your existing subscription to another higher-value subscription for one year with a 60% discount. Or you can buy & extend your current subscription plan or buy another annual plan with BF discount to put in the Queue on your account (must be the same plan level!). Also, you need to cancel the recurrent payment first.

  3. If you have 2-year active subscription:

    • Currently, it is unavailable to upgrade or prolongate manually if you have a biennial subscription. Please contact support to resolve this issue.

  4. If there is a promo code in the queue after the current active subscription:

    • If you have an active monthly subscription and after it, in the queue, there is a promo code for free days - you must take a screenshot of the subscription that is in the queue (on the Subscription page), cancel the promo code subscription - after that, you will be able to purchase the desired subscription.

      To get a new promo code for free days, you need to contact Support and provide a screenshot of the promo code subscription that was in the queue.

Will my subscription renew with the Black-Friday-Offer?

You need to stop the recurrent payments and buy the desired subscription.
Black Friday discount does not apply to auto-renewal.

If I have an active yearly subscription and would like to convert (upgrade) it to the upper level. How does it work?

For example, you have an active annual Advanced subscription and want to upgrade to the PRO plan.

You bought an Advanced subscription 6 months ago.

When upgrading, at the price of Black Friday - unused 6 months of subscription will be upgraded to the PRO level with an additional payment (the amount of the additional payment is calculated taking into account the BF discount). That is, you still have 6 months of subscription, and the end date of your new Pro subscription will not change.

After such an upgrade, you will be able to buy another year of PRO subscription at the Black Friday price.

This subscription will be queued after the end of the current subscription that you upgraded to PRO.

There can’t be more than one subscription in the queue.

Can I downgrade to a lower plan?

You can downgrade your subscription ONLY after your active subscription ends.

Your data, active trades, and everything will remain accessible regardless of whether you have an active subscription or not. If your subscription expires, then you won't be able to create new deals, Grid Bots or Smart Trades.

Are there any Black Friday discounts for monthly subscriptions?

On the web, only our annual plans are eligible for our Black Friday discounts, as reflected on our Subscriptions page.

Can I change my payment method?

If you paid for your last subscription with a credit card but want to switch to cryptocurrency, follow the steps below:

First, disable your recurring payment, so your subscription doesn't “auto-renew” when it next expires.

You can do this by going to the Subscriptions page and clicking the 🚫 button to the right of the active subscription towards the bottom-right of the page in the table marked as Subscription History:

If there is no "X" button displayed, then this means that the recurring payment is not enabled.

Please note: this will not cancel any time left on your current/active subscription, just the recurring payment element!

Now you can pay for your next subscription with another Credit/Debit card or cryptocurrency. Learn more about the Cryptocurrency payment process.

What if I paid for a subscription with cryptocurrency, and now I want to pay with a card?

No problem! Subscriptions paid with cryptocurrency do not automatically renew. Simply choose your subscription and your method of payment, and you’re set!

Can I change my billing address and invoice?

If you paid with a Credit or Debit card or using PayPal, then check your emails for the payment receipt and you should see a link to allow you to change the payment address but not VAT details.

Unfortunately, we cannot change VAT details, invoices or billing information for subscriptions bought any other payment method.

If you would like to change your information for future invoices, please cancel your recurring subscription and update it here before re-subscribing.

Can I request an invoice?

Please visit the Subscriptions Page in your 3Commas account. Scroll towards the bottom of the page and you will find your invoices available for download.

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