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Q) I'm worried about account security, should I create a new 3Commas account due to the FTX issue?

A) 3Commas user accounts were not hacked so creating a new account is not required, also you will lose your trading history and Bot settings etc.

As a precaution we recommend all users enable 2FA as this will offer much better security than just a username and password.

Q) Why are TradingView charts for FTX not updating?

A) Charts rely on data from the FTX exchange, which is offline, so no updates are currently possible.

Q) 3Commas interface feels slower than usual, or SmartTrades are not loading if there are open trades for FTX.

A) Our team is working on this - the issue is caused because 3Commas is trying to contact FTX exchange to get the latest information from the order book, as FTX is offline it is causing the delay and our team will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Q) What should I do about any active FTX trades in 3Commas?

A) Cancel the trade as it will not be able to close because the exchange is offline, please note: it may take up to 48hrs to clear from the Active Deals or SmartTrades page.

Q) Unable to cancel bot deals created for FTX.

A) Deals may appear stuck for 48hrs as there is no response from FTX exchange as it is offline but the deals will eventually time-out.

Q) Can you recommend an exchange like FTX that I can move to?

A) Unfortunately, FTX was pretty unique in the features offered (particularly on FTX.com) and each user has different requirements, so an exchange that is good for one person may not be a good choice for someone else.

However, you may like to check out OKX exchange as we have a promotion that might save you the cost of a Pro subscription, if you are interested, you can read more here: OKX and 3Commas Promotion.

Q) Some Help Articles still refer to FTX!

A) We will revise all Help Articles and update them soon as possible by the end of Monday 14th November.

Q) I cancelled my Grid Bots but I keep getting alerts that there are errors cancelling orders! How do I make it stop?

A) The notifications stopped on Monday 14th November; the system is trying to cancel any unfilled orders on FTX but receiving no response so keeps retrying.

Q) Will I still be able to retrieve my FTX trading history?

A) Yes and No! As long as you do not delete the FTX exchange connections from 3Commas you can export trading history from trades created by 3Commas tools.

Unfortunately unless FTX exchange becomes available, you won't be able to get your entire order history, tax exports or link tax reporting platforms or software.

Q) Should I remove all FTX linked exchanges from 3Commas?

A) At the time of writing, it is not possible to log-in and retrieve any balance history or order history from FTX, as such you may want to take screen grabs of your balances held on these exchanges from 3Commas and also export your SmartTrades and DCA bot deal history. You can also export Grid Bot history by clicking the Grid Bot’s name and using the export buttons.

Q) I want to delete my FTX accounts from my portfolio but it just crashes. Can you delete them for me please?

A) Please create a support request and we will be happy to assist you.

Q) Should I screenshot my trades for future evidence of a claim for the FTX bankruptcy process?

A) Yes, you can export trading history from 3Commas and taking screengrabs of active positions or trades and your cached account balances for your linked FTX accounts may be useful if a path to claim any lost funds is made available from the FTX bankruptcy process, however, please note that 3Commas has no involvement or influence in this process.

Q) If FTX is rescued and has new management, will 3Commas still support it?

A) It is impossible to say what may happen in the future, but we will release a statement nearer the time, should FTX be rescued.

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