If you’d like to trade on OKX (Spot and Futures) with the FREE use of 3Commas Pro tools, please follow the steps below!


All supported 3Commas tools for trading on OKX (Spot and Futures) are available to you absolutely free!

PLEASE REMEMBER! This promotion does not provide you with a Pro plan for free!

Instead, it provides you with all tools that are available only on the Pro plan. While trading on OKX you can use the following:

  • unlimited SmartTrade;

  • unlimited DCA Bots;

  • unlimited GRID bots.

Within the promotion, you can trade limitless on both Spot and Futures markets if you are on the web version of 3Commas!
But in mobile apps, you can trade limitless only on Spot market!

The promotion is available only for a short period:
October, 26th - December, 31st 2022!

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