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Trailing feature is only supported on Spot exchange accounts and is always turned ON for automatic settings on Spot exchange accounts.

But how does the “Trailing Up” actually work?

When the current price crosses over the last Sell order, the highest grid line will turn into a Waiting line. When the price moves even higher and reaches the distance of one more Grid step, the Waiting line will become a new Buy order. To cover the new buy line and avoid the "Insufficient funds" situation, the furthest Buy order at the lowest price will be canceled. As soon as the price continues moving up, the lowest buy orders will be canceled again and placed above the highest price, and so on and so on.

This will make your Grid bot always ready to start buying the dips on a bullish market and stay prepared for another resistance sideway.

Trailing is only possible when both Profit currency and Order size currency are set to QUOTE. This makes all your BUY orders keep the same volume on any part of your Grid:

Trailing is only possible when Order size currency is set to QUOTE because this makes all your Buy orders keep the same value on any part of your Grid. So If you would like to disable trailing on Spot exchange accounts, please head to the Custom settings and expand the Options section. If you switch your Order size currency to BASE it will also switch off the Trailing mode for your bot:

Please keep in mind that the “Lower Stop” trigger is also trailing up and will be moved step by step following the last buy order.

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