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Backtest is a tool for testing your bots' performance, using historical data to check your settings' effectiveness. Backtesting plays a vital role in determining the optimal configuration for your bots!

After you run a Backtest, you can even Optimize it using the relative option:

About Optimizer.

You want to earn as much as possible, and we give you the opportunity to see the estimated profitability of the bot using a backtest. But, using the backtest, you may not know what settings to change to increase the profitability, and if you do, then iterating through the settings can take a long time.

Offering the function of optimizing settings, we automatically select the Step of the grid bot (the parameter that most directly affects the profitability) and perform all the monotonous work for you, choosing the best result in terms of profitability.

The optimizer runs a series of backtests with different Step values and selects the result with the highest profit. In other words, it helps adjust the Step to the pair's volatility to maximize potential profit:

If you cannot choose the pair to trade with, we've got your back!

To help you choose the right pair for trading, we backtest default grid bot settings for all pairs daily and build them into a special list sorted by backtest results:

  • You will now have a hint of which pair to choose from a list based on 30 day backtest.

  • You can add pairs to favorites and choose from favorites when setting up your grid bots.

  • You can filter the top pairs list with current market conditions:

    • Strong Buy (Trading View)

    • Strong Sell (TradingView)

    • RSI

Useful information:

Backtesting and optimizing are currently supported on Binance Spot and Paper Trading accounts but will be added for other exchanges soon.

You can run Backtest and Optimizer either when you create a new bot or edit the existing bot.

We try to provide you with the most accurate data, so our backtest is calculated using a 1-minute timeframe, so please be patient, as it may require some time before the results are displayed.

Currently, the backtest will check the results of your strategy for 120 days or for a shorter period if there is not enough historical data.

Possible errors

  1. Backtest is outdated
    After changing settings, please refresh the Backtest

    This appears when changing fields that affect Backtest.

  2. Invalid parameters
    Fix the invalid parameters to run the Backtest

    Appears if the user clicked Refresh in the “Backtest is outdated” block, and there are invalid parameters entered. The tooltip displays those fields that have an error and affect the execution of the Backtest

  3. Limit Reached
    The maximum Backtest limit is reached, try to refresh in 29 sec.

    Backtesting requires a lot of system resources, to ensure fast operation for everyone, there is a limit on the amount of backtests a single user can make in quick succession.

  4. Error
    Something went wrong.
    Try to refresh the Backtest again

    Occurs if a non-pulling error occurs as a result of a request to the backtest.



For more information, please check our Terms of Use.

Please remember that past performance is not indicative of future results.

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