Smart Bot is the best 3Commas bot for people new to automated cryptocurrency trading. It’s a modified version of our incredibly flexible DCA Bot with some of the more complicated options already filled in for you. Smart Bot utilizes a QFL (quick fingers Luc) strategy, which you can learn more about if you click that link. This bot offers new traders three choices, with corresponding increases in risk/reward ratio for each one: conservative, moderate, and aggressive. Other than that, you just need to decide which QUOTE currency you want to trade with and which exchange you want to trade them on. After that, start your Smart Bot, and you’re off to the races!

Smart Bot isn’t just about getting started really fast, it can also be used for learning how to trade. Observing your bot’s trading behaviour is a great way to see what it’s doing in reaction to the movements of the price. Begin your trading journey with this bot, and you’ll quickly graduate to using other powerful bots like the previously mentioned DCA Bot and the 3Commas Grid Bot. Before you know it, you’ll be making moves like a pro.

How to create an ML Smart Bot?

Important! Right now it's possible to create only Machine Learning (ML) Smart Bot!

Open Smart Bot page and choose Machine Learning

Choose the strategy

The difference in strategies is explained in the FAQ section below in this article.

Adjust the settings

Choose the exchange, market or currency to use and the amount that the bot will use:

Click on Create bot button

Click on Create bot button and choose whether to start the bot or not:

Congratulations! The Smart bot is created and is waiting for the QFL signal to start the deal!

Open Smart Bot page to see your bots

You can also see the bots Active deals and look through the Deals history

Don't forget you can trial Smart Bots using your virtual funds in the Paper Trading account if you have this in your current subscription plan level! 🚀


Q: What is the difference in the strategies?

A: Conservative - max 40 deals.

Moderate - max 50 deals.

Aggressive - max 60 deals.

The more aggressive strategy is, the more frequent signals will be received. However, the signals will be less "filtered" and thus less secure. But at the same time, the TP level will be lower, so the deals should close faster with less profit.

Q: What exchanges are available?
A: The following SPOT exchanges are available:

  • Binance

  • Binance.US

  • Bittrex

  • Coinbase

  • Huobi

  • Kraken

  • Kucoin

  • OKX

Q: How many Safety Orders are used in ML Smart Bot?
A: None, ML Smart Bot does not use Safety Orders.

Q: How is the deal closed?
A: There are Stop Loss and Take Profit orders triggered by the signal. Also, the time expiration can close the trade.

Q: Are there TP security measures?

A: No, they are available only on Algorithmic Smart Bot (coming soon).

Q: How does the bot know when to open the deal?
A: It has it's own complicated algorithms that have several levels of filters - the drawdown value, the signal strength, the trading pair's historical behaviour, and many other criteria.

Q: Can I choose which coins will be traded?
A: No, you can specify the Quote currency (like USDT) that the bot will use, it will automatically choose the coins to trade as signals are generated.

Q: Why create Smart Bot? Why does it not have many settings?
A: It is designed to be a simple bot and due to the intelligence built-in, Smart Bots do not require complicated configuration settings!

Q: How does the Smart Bot use the funds I allocate to it?
A: When you configure the funds to be allocated to the Smart Bot, this is the maximum the bot is allowed to use in total. If you configure 100 USDT (min allowed amount) for the ML bot to use, it may create up to 6 deals using 15 USDT in each. The more funds the bot can use, the more trades can be opened simultaneously.

Here are the minimum recommended amounts for bots to use:

  • 300 USDT for Conservative strategy

  • 400 USDT for Moderate strategy

  • 500 USDT for Aggressive strategy.

Q: Does Smart Bot have a Stop Loss?
A: There is a Stop Loss function built-in and is different "per deal" - the stop loss function is automatically enabled (and cannot be disabled) to stop traders accumulating "bags" of coins that fall very below the price they were bought for.

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